Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's the sleaziest aspect of the Spitzer story?

Is it that a man who had been married to his long-time wife and who had three daughters would be cheating, on a seemingly somewhat regular basis, with high-priced hookers?

Is it that a man who has himself prosecuted prostitution rings and capitalized on that publicity was himself using a prostitution ring?

Is it that he was arranging his tryst in the ritzy Mayflower Hotel with the call girl on Valentines Day? (I've stayed at that hotel a few times when I won a teaching award that put us up there, and I can testify that it is top notch in everything. Just amazing and I'll never stay in that nice a hotel again.)

Is it that he apparently had an ongoing account with this service and was paying thousands of dollars to have a woman provided for him for just a couple of hours of sex? Or that he apparently requested something that the woman or the dispatcher "might not think were safe,”

Is that he checked into the hotel under the pseudonym "George Fox" which ironically enough is the name of the founder of the Society of Friends or Quakers?

Is it that he was apparently moving thousands of dollars around in a way to try to disguise where the money was going? This is what attracted the FBI's notice in the first place. They thought he might be accepting bribes. So he should be happy that it was just paying prostitutes not accepting bribes for which he got caught. Otherwise, he could have been joining Duke Cummingham in the penitentiary.

Is it that a man who had built a reputation as "Eliot Ness" Sptizer or as Crusading Spitzer was himself breaking the law in a manner that would have left him open to all sorts of blackmail possibilities?

There are so many sleazy aspects to this story. You can take your pick. For me, any guy who has been caught cheating on his wife and then forces or allows her to join him to serve as a symbolic backdrop to his confessional press conference is a total sleazoid and shouldn't be forgiven. He's already humiliated her enough and then she has to stand there just as the wives of Gary Hart or Larry Craig or Jim McGreevey did for their husbands. Perhaps it was their choice, but a truly repentant husband would not accept that offer.