Saturday, February 23, 2008

Perhaps Michael Moore could talk with these gentlemen

Proving what an ignorant buffoon Michael Moore is, he recently joked that he would like to go to the Oscars with Fidel Castro. It might do him some good to talk to these political prisoners who were recently released from Cuban prison and are now free to talk about the abuse and torture they endured in the prisons of Moore's hero.
Mr Castillo, 50, a journalist who wrote articles critical of the regime, told The Sunday Telegraph: "It was terrible. It was like being in a desert in which sometimes there is no water, there is no food, you are tortured and you are abused.

"This was not torture in the textbook way with electric prods, but it was cruel and degrading. They would beat you for no reason even when you were in hospital.

"At other times they would search you for no reason, stripping you bare and humiliating you. There was one particular commander at a jail in Santa Clara who seemed to take delight in handing out beatings to the prisoners."

Mr Castillo, who claims he was denied proper medical aid for diabetes and heart problems, added: "We are nothing more than a reflection of the human cost of the fight being waged by the Cuban people."

While the dissidents tasted freedom, 58 of the original 75 jailed for long terms in 2003 are still behind bars.

It is estimated another 250 political prisoners languish in Cuban prisons. Mr Castillo was not hopeful that the departure of El Comandante from the helm of power would bring great changes.
While Moore is impressed with Cuba's supposedly wonderful health care, perhaps, he might spare a thought to the jailed dissidents. And all those teenagers with their Che posters and T-shirts need to understand the regime that they've been celebrating. I suspect that we'll be hearing more and more stories like this about what it really has been like in Cuba under Castro and all those people who trooped down to Cuba to marvel at the revolutionary charisma of Castro will have to ask themselves why they were so admiring of a dictator who imprisoned and tortured those who disagreed with him.