Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rich Lowry scores one for his predictive powers

In a column yesterday looking at Bill Clinton's role in his wife's campaign, Lowry made the following point and prediction.
esides, Clinton has no incentive to stop his New Hampshire-to-Nevada-to-South Carolina tantrum tour because it appears to be working. Strategically, there might not be much more the Clinton campaign can do to sell Hillary, but it certainly can tear down Obama. The Illinois senator has pledged to fight back against Bill, probably exactly what the Clinton campaign wants: It's hard to be hopeful at the same time you're in a war of words with an ex-president who is willing to use any cheap and dishonest argument at hand.

The uglier the race gets, the better for the Clintons. In Nevada, mysterious "robo-calls" were made to voters that used Barack Obama's middle name, "Hussein," four times. It can't be long before the Clinton team uses Obama's relationship with a shady Chicago developer named Tony Rezko to try to make him seem as if he's running the most corrupt political operation since, well, the 1996 Clinton re-election campaign.
And then just last night Hillary hit Obama with his Rezko connection. With all the scandals dirtying up the Clinton record including cattle future purchases, mysterious bill records, and Chinese-tainted fundraising, Obama is a mere piker with possible corrupt connections. But Lowry is probably right that the Clinton camp decided that her negatives are a given and that most people have already factored those in to their decisions on these two candidates and so it is more worthwhile to dirty up Obama's saintly image. Her negatives are already plenty high; what she needs to do is raise his. It's a tough job, but the Clintons are up to it.