Thursday, July 26, 2007

Victories in Iraq; defeat in Washington

Ralph Peters summarizes some of the military success that we and the Iraqis together have had in the past few months. Go and read his summaries of advances that we've been making against Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Iranian-backed Shiite militias there. His conclusion sums up what is going on perfectly.
TO a military professional, the tactical progress made in Iraq over the last few months is impressive. To a member of Congress, it's an annoyance.

The herd animals on Capitol Hill - from both parties - just can't wait to go over the cliff on Iraq. And even when the media mention one or two of the successes achieved by our troops, the reports are grudging.

Yet what's happening on the ground, right now, in Baghdad and in Iraq's most-troubled provinces, contributes directly to your security. In the words of a senior officer known for his careful assessments, al Qaeda's terrorists in Iraq are "on their back foot and we're trying to knock them to their knees."

Do our politicians really want to help al Qaeda regain its balance?
Perhaps the next debate should feature just questions posed by our forces fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let both sides answer their questions. That would be a lot more relevant to what a president's responsibilities should be instead of talking to a puppet snowman.