Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Paul Wolfowitz's accusers

Bret Stephens looks at some of those calling for Paul Wolfowitz's resignation. And, it's no surprise that several of these have their own ethical problems, even involving similar conflict of interest with their family members as Wolfowitz had with his girlfriend. Except the difference is that Wolfowitz tried to resolve his conflict of interest by referring it to an ethics committee and following their recommendations. By so doing, he's provoked all sorts of critics who want to leave. Their hypocrisy is clear when you read over some of the corruption in their own backgrounds. So, it's a good sign that Wolfowitz intends a spirited defense of his job and will expose the hypocrisy and corruption of his accusers. I suspect that this Stephens column is one outcome of his determination to show that some of his accusers have their own problems and that this is a politically motivated attack on him for reasons that have nothing to do with the compensation package that his girlfriend got.