Saturday, January 06, 2007

The poop on Senate candy

With Rick Santorum's defeat, the big question in the Senate now is who should inherit his desk which is traditionally called the Candy Desk because the Senator sitting there keeps a drawer full of candy manufactured in his home state for senators to come by and snack on. By tradition, it's a Republican's desk. Santorum had it in the previous senates and now Senator Craig Thomas of Wyoming covets it. And a Wyoming candy manufacturer, Huckleberry Mountain, has stepped forward to volunteer to donate candy so all the senators can indulge their sweet tooths.

Having checked out the candy company's website, I've found the perfect product with which he can stock the desk: Gourmet Poops.
Elk Pie, Deer Doo, Bear Doo Doo, Ram Cakes, Billy Nuggets, Buffalo Turds, Polar Poo, Jack Scat, & Seagull Droppings. Well we may not see many Seagulls in Jackson Hole but you never Know what the wind is going to bring west as it leaves the Claifornia Coast. [sic]

Don't miss out on our delicious Zoo Collection Poop that includes: Hippo Doo, Tiger Turds, Gator Doo, Kangaroo Poo, Rhino Poo, Zebra Patties, Bat Guano, Giraffe Doo, Rattlesnake Pellets, Monkey Poo, Panda Poo, Elephant Poo, Walrus Floaters.
Bat Guano and Giraffe Doo! How perfect is that for our senators to be snacking on?