Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Now he tells us

John Edwards admits now that he was maybe too inexperienced to run for president in 2004. Ya think? The guy started running for president as soon as he got elected senator.
During a forum at Wake Forest University on Monday, Edwards said he might agree with critics who said he left Congress too soon to seek the presidency.

"They may have been right," Edwards said, adding that the experience he has gained since the election has prepared him for another run in 2008.
"When I ran in 2004, I spent most of my time thinking about being a good candidate," Edwards told a packed crowd spilling out of the 2,300-seat Wait Chapel. "These days I think about what I want to do as president of the United States."
Yeah, and why should we believe him now?

Of course, we know whom this is aimed at. Before Obama got into the race, Edwards the fair-haired boy for those who didn't want Hillary. Now there's a younger, perhaps more photogenic candidate in the race who might steal all those votes for people who want a fresh young face. Edwards is no longer that face. So what does he have up on Obama?
But as he prepared to leave Wake Forest, a member of the crowd asked him why he was a better candidate than Illinois Sen. Barack Obama -- also a 2008 Democratic hopeful.

"Experience," Edwards responded. "I've been through a presidential campaign."
Yup, in addition to the two more years he will have on Obama as far as Senate experience in 2008, Edwards also has that grand experience of having campaigned with John Kerry. Boy that will surely make him better presidential material, won't it?

Since when is having failed previously provide the experience that qualifies someone to be president?