Thursday, January 04, 2007

German anti-Americanism

David's Medienkritik, a great blog exploring bias in European journalism highlights this example from Stern Magazine, Germany's best-selling political weekly magazine. The magazine has been running a series on the history of the United States. And this is how they summarize that history.
"The History of the USA: No nation has ever dominated the globe like the USA. And its people could care less about the rest of humanity."
Unlike German history which is just rife with examples of how Germans have cared so deeply about the rest of humanity.

And let's just forget about the millions that Americans spent to rebuild a defeated Germany after WWII or to supply Berlin for a year during the Berlin Airlift. Or all the other foreign aid that the United States has shelled out over the years to help people around the world. Check out David's response to Stern.

I think this is what psychologists call projection.