Thursday, December 28, 2006

Best movie of all time

In picking the best movie of all time, Lisa Fabrizio comes down exactly where I would - Nothing beats Casablanca.
Yet for all the visual and musical elements that combine to make Casablanca what it remains; the ultimate Hollywood movie, these elements could probably be replicated, if to a lesser degree today. But sadly, what makes it truly memorable; that which is at its essence, cannot. The notion of sacrifice for a bigger, more noble goal than one's self, is, if not shared by a majority of the country, surely absent in modern Hollywood.

Maybe that's what generations of American moviegoers still long for. Humphrey Bogart, as Rick Blaine, is just as cool, just as selfish, bitter, and non-committal as are today's celluloid heroes; he's just one thing more: a patriot.
To pick my favorite movies of all time I judge by how often I'm willing to watch them again and again no matter how many dozens of time I've already seen them. There are three movies that I will sit and watch until the end any time I run across them while checking through what's on TV: Casablanca, The Godfather, and The Great Escape. The first and last have what Fabrizio is talking about - true heroism. The Godfather is just one great movie.