Thursday, November 09, 2006

The most valuable vote ever

This is such a neat story!
How much is one vote worth?

In the case of an absentee ballot and an antique stamp, it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That's the value of a 1918 Inverted Jenny, one of the rarest stamps in the world, which Broward County elections officials said was affixed to an envelope containing an absentee ballot.

The stamp, similar to one sold in mint condition for $525,000 last year, was canceled. So was the ballot, which contained no clue to the identity of the voter.

The mystery unfolded at the elections office Tuesday evening, when County Commissioner John Rodstrom, a member of the county's Canvassing Board, noticed an unusual stamp on a large white envelope carrying an absentee ballot.

A former stamp collector, Rodstrom immediately recognized the unmistakable blue and red image of an upside-down biplane: the Inverted Jenny.

"It's very rare, it was in all of the stamp books," he said. "Only so many of these came off the presses."

One hundred, to be exact.
If it turns out to be a legitimate Inverted Jenny, it would be worth millions of dollars. However, there is a catch. Florida law requires that the envelope be kept for two years and then destroyed. I'm sure that some sort of legal accomodation can be reached.

Imagine realizing that that was your ballot!