Monday, August 14, 2006

A truly disgusting cartoon

Hunter Baker rightly calls this Non Sequitur cartoon the Outrage of the Week. Here is the outrageous dialogue in this extremely lame attempt at humor.
"Everyone here is granted one wish? That's so cool!"

"Well, not always. See that man over there? He was a strict constitution originalist on the Supreme Court and wished to see all the amendments removed."

"Clarence, be a good slave and fetch me some coffee."


"And who's that guy who owns him?"

"That's Antonin Scalia. He made the same wish."
As Baker points out, cartoonist Wiley Miller is displaying his ignorance. Constitutional originalists have no desire to wipe all the amendments out of the Constitution. And portraying Antonin Scalia as a potential slaveowner and Clarence Thomas as a slave is disgusting. This is tasteless and hateful stuff and putting it in a cartoon doesn't make it less so.