Friday, May 26, 2006

A Movie Recommendation

My daughter and I saw Thank You for Smoking last night and I heartily recommend it. I haven't read the book by Christopher Buckley, but now I'd like to since the movie was such a fine satire of everyone and I've heard that the book was even funnier. The movie skewers all sides, but makes some fine points about politicians scoring easy political points about the evils of tobacco that everyone knows about anyway. You'll enjoy the satire of the sanctimonious Vermont senator trying to get publicity by holding hearings on slapping a skull and crossbones on cigarettes. The movie makes some libertarian arguments about the freedom to choose one's own sins without government getting in the way, but also makes delicious fun of the lengths that lobbyists will go to in trying to protect their products. The movie does soften up its satire by playing up the relationship between the "yuppie Mephistopheles" tobacco lobbyist wonderfully played by Aaron Eckhart and his young son and by making sure that no one actually smokes a cigarette in a whole movie about having the freedom to smoke cigarettes. If the movie is still playing near you, go out and see it. You'll have a lot of fun. They don't make many finely crafted satires like this anymore.