Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Higher Education British-Style

In Britain, university lecturers who are responsible for grading students' exams are on strike thus threatening the graduations of around 200,000 university students. This is what they are arguing over.
The last offer tabled by employers was worth 12.6 per cent over three years, but the unions refused to put it out to ballot. They are seeking 23 per cent.
Meanwhile, as if a strike that threatens the future of so many students didn't give the academics' union enough to do, they have decided to single out Israel for a boycott.
Britain's biggest lecturers' union has backed a call for a boycott of Israeli universities in protest at its government's "apartheid" policies towards Palestine.

Delegates at the annual conference of the 69,000-strong NATFHE, the university and college lecturers' union, voted to urge all their members to consider boycotting all Israeli institutions and academics who did not publicly dissociate themselves from their government's policies.
Of course, no other country in the world excites their anger and votes for boycotts. They would rather single out a democracy in the Middle East rather than the dictatorships there. No vote against Iran or Saudia Arabia. No vote against China, Zimbabwe or Sudan. No concern about the terrorism that Israel has suffered or the violent chaos now going on within the Palestinian Authority. They are shameless.