Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Canadians Come Around to the U.S. Way of Thinking on Fighting Terrorists

Remember all the horror that the U.S. was not using the Geneva Convention with those we captured in Afghanistan and put in Guantanamo. The world was horrified that we weren't applying the rules of war to those who fought out of uniform and treating captured fighters under the regular rules for prisoners of war. Well, the Canadians have come to the same conclusion.
Canadian troops in Afghanistan have been told the Geneva Conventions and Canadian regulations regarding the rights of prisoners of war don't apply to Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters captured on the battlefield.

That decision strips detainees of key rights and protections under the rules of war, including the right to be released at the end of the conflict and not to be held criminally liable for lawful combat.
Now captured fighters can be treated as criminals or handed over to the Afghanistan authorities who might not be so tender of the fighters.

Thus, having fought in Afghanistan, the Canadians have come to the exact same conclusion that the Bush administration did and for which the U.S. was criticized by all sorts of groups such as Amnesty International. We'll see if Canada gets the same treatment.