Thursday, May 25, 2006

50 Top Conservative Songs

Natinal Review has a story in its magazine about the top 50 rock songs with conservative themes. It's a great gimmick to get people to buy the magazine. However, the New York Times gets a little revenge on NR by publishing the whole list so people don't have to go out and buy the magazine. I'm such a fogey that I haven't ever heard half the songs.

There is some debate about whether a rock 'n roll song can actually be conservative.
Asked to comment on the list, Dave Marsh, the longtime rock critic and avowed lefty, saw it as a desperate effort by the right to co-opt popular culture. "What happened was, my side won the culture war, in the sense that rock and related music is the dominant musical form, not only in the U.S. but around the world," he said. "Once you lose that battle, you lose the war, and then a different kind of battle begins: the battle over meaning."
The fact taht you have to get into some deep interpretation battle over what songs mean to explain to people why a song is indeed conservative suggests that some of these choices are rather a stretch. However, as John J. Miller points out,
"Any claim that rock is fundamentally revolutionary is just kind of silly," he said. "It's so mainstream that it puts them" — liberals — "in the position of saying that at no time has there ever been a rock song that expressed a sentiment that conservatives can appreciate. And that's just silly. In fact here are 50 of them."
Since liberal ideas are the mainstream in popular culture, any rejection of them is actually revolutionary.

Debate away about the lists and which other songs you think belonged on it.