Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Reliapundit fisks Senator Feingold's acrimonious statement on the NSA surveillance hearing in which Feingold basically said that both Bush and Gonzales were liars. It's a good fisking. I like this part.
The SCOTUS and the FISCR and the FISC and fedeal courts have ruled that the POTUS as CiC HAS GREATER POWERS! SCOTUS just recently ruled (in a decision written by O'Connor) that the POTUS can designate a US CITIZEN an "enemy combatant"; this is far greater power than that of merely intercepting the international communications of US persons. The FISCR and FISC have made similar rulings as have other federal courts. [SEE THIS POST FOR ALL LINKS.] Though these decisions were specifically NOT about intercepts or surveillance, they undoubtedly give great weight to the argument proffered by the Bush Adminsitration.

In fact, I'd argue that these decisions taken together constitute a "SUPER-DUPER PRECEDENT" if you ask me! (Heh.) Terefore, even though it is true that no court has SPECIFICALLY ruled on this matter, the precedents are clear - STARE DECISIS is clear.