Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I am so very tired of Democrats turning serious occasions into opportunities to bash Bush. The lack of class is really glaring. Why turn a moment to honor the lives and memories of Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King into a political attack on President Bush and a campaign ad for Hillary Clinton? What an opportunity was lost to reflect on the life's work of these two people and how far we've come from the time of MLK's death in racial relations. But that would be the classy thing to do. That would be the respectful thing to do. And class and respect are not on the agenda for Democrats when there is a chance to whip up blacks against Republicans. And then they'll be the first to criticize Bush for heightening the partisan atmosphere in Washington. Baloney!

And then to see Senator Kennedy talk about all that his brothers had done for MLK when we all know that it was his brother, Bobby, who approved the wiretapping of MLK. And of course we remember the Paul Wellstone memorial and how Democrats seized the opportunity to turn a memorial into a political bash. That backfired and I have hopes that the ugliness of the scene at the memorial service for Mrs. King will fill many people with distaste at such open political self-aggrandizement at the expense of honoring the memory of Reverend and Mrs. King. I suspect that there are many people of both parties who are turned off by the politicization of a woman's memorial service.

The Anchoress has a very well-done rant on the utter crassness of those who dishonored Mrs. King by their political opportunism.

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