Thursday, February 16, 2006

Howard Kurtz has an article looking at why Dick Cheney might have chosen Brit Hume for his only interview on the hunting accident. Hmmmm. Would he have written such an article if Cheney had chosen Brian Williams or Charlie Gibson or Jim Lehrer?

And those who are pooh-poohing the interview just because it was on Fox have to show what questions they would have asked that Brit didn't ask.

I think that this comment sums up why Cheney chose Brit.
Emily Rooney, a talk show host for Boston's WGBH-TV who worked with Hume at ABC News, praised Hume's intuitive grasp of politics.

Hume has "never hidden" his conservative leanings, she said, and Cheney "chose Brit Hume for a reason -- because he's always given a fair hearing to the Republican Party, which not every journalist did along the way."
And that is the big difference in his news program, which is my favorite news show. He'll ask questions about issues that wouldn't occur to many other interviewers because he is open to the conservative side. I just think that some news interviewers have no idea what the conservative side of an issue is so that it never even occurs to them to ask those questions. Sure, Brit's a conservative, but he's also tough and fair. All those news people who insist that they don't twist the news to fit their own self-acknowledged liberal ideology think that a conservative like Brit is incapable of doing the same thing. I think they both do it, and if I'm going to watch the news on TV, I like seeing the conservative twist on things. I just wish they'd all drop the pretense of objectivity because we all know that it is not so. Fox is conservative and ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and PBS are liberal. Fess up now and stop thinking that we're too dumb to notice the choice of stories on all those supposedly unbiased news broadcasts.