Monday, January 09, 2006

This Australian columnist gets the same point that Joe Klein was expressing. THe best thing Bush has going for him is the ineptitude of his opponents.
There's something else Bush has going for him: a politically inept and hopelessly divided Democratic Party in which it is never clear who speaks for it on any issue.

The excuse Democrats make for their ineptitude is that they control neither house of Congress nor the White House, which means they are virtually powerless to influence, let alone dictate, policy. But that does not explain why the leadership of the party in Congress is so mediocre or why, after John Kerry's bitter defeat in November 2004 because he couldn't decide where he stood on Iraq or the war on terrorism, the Democrats can't make up their minds where they stand on either issue.

Away from Washington, out in the American heartland, there may be no great love for George Bush, but that does not necessarily translate into a great wave of support for the Democratic Party.