Tuesday, January 31, 2006

John Hinderaker and Captain Ed have a screen capture of how Colleen Rowley, the famed FBI "whistleblower" who is now running for Congress against Representative John Kline of Minnesota, posted a picture of Kline on her website in which they photoshopped out his Marine uniform and replaced it with a Nazi uniform. She's since removed the picture from her site, but has not apologized to Marine veteran Representative Kline.

The whole tirade on her site was about Kline's proposal to take Ulysses Grant off of the $50 bill and replace him with Ronald Reagan. Here is the text of the blog against Kline for wanting to replace Grant on the $50.

Well, I admire both Reagan and Grant a lot. Reagan was the greater president, of course, but Grant's generalship won the Civil War. Let's not engage in a spitting contest about the two men. And, if we were going to replace anyone on the money, why not Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill - talk about undeserving.) I think this mission to put Reagan's name all over the place is nice, but rather unnecessary and probably not what Reagan himself would have wanted. Let's not start making the habit to replace old heroes with new heroes. We have plenty of ways to honor Reagan without doing so at the expense of other men.

However, with that aside, having a Congressional candidate portray her opponent as a Nazi for wanting to change the picture on the $50 bill gives everyone an idea of how over the top some people are and how easily they will reach for the Nazi metaphor whenever they want to disagree with a Republican. Shame, shame.