Tuesday, January 31, 2006

John Fund talked to Dick Armey about the GOP in the House and where they have gone off the path that brought them to power in 1994.
Mr. Armey, a former economics professor, vividly recalls the House leadership meeting in late 2001 that prompted his decision to retire. Afterwards he returned to his office and wrote down his summary of how he saw the GOP Congress behaving: "We come to this town and we do things we ought not to be doing in order to stay in the majority so we can do things we ought to be doing that we never get around to doing." A few weeks later the man who was a chief drafter of the 1994 Contract with America announced he was leaving office.
Sadly, that seems to be true of most politicians, not just the House GOP, when they get into power. It makes one yearn for some sort of term limits, but since that would have to come through the legislators themselves writing an amendment and passing it on to the states, it just ain't going to happen.

There might be a temporary change if the House gets new leadership, but I would predict that that would change after a few years, especially if they lose seats in the Fall and feel tense about retaining a majority.