Friday, January 13, 2006

James Lileks was hilarious on Hugh Hewitt's show last night.
JL: Oh, where does one begin? The fantasy that comes back to me, again and again, is seeing these people grill Albert Einstein.

HH: (laughing)

JL: I would love to see Biden leaning forward with that expression of deep concern, and saying you know, Doc...Doc, I've read that you believe that MC=E2, but I gotta say I'm troubled by it. And I'm puzzled as well. And weren't you a member of a country that elected Hitler?

HH: (laughing)

JL: I mean, it would be like that. It would be like engaging in a colloquy on the theory of relativity with Einstein, with these guys who had a chemistry set when they were in 4th grade, and believe that qualified to study the theoretical...

HH: Oh, you've opened up a whole, what if they interviewed, or they questioned Beethoven?

JL: Well, that would be great. Well, Beethoven would just...that would be perfect, because Beethoven in the later years of his life was deaf. And if Biden's asking the question, you don't have to hear, because he's just going to talk for 28 minutes.

HH: (laughing)

JL: And at the end of it, like the end of the 9th Symphony, when Beethoven couldn't hear the applause, somebody would just turn him towards Biden, and have him make a couple of scowling Beethovenesque gestures. Ah, it's just preposterous. The one thing we have learned, at least, is that we now know for sure that the Republicans do not have an operative hidden deep in Teddy Kennedy's camp, because if they did, this would be the perfect opportunity to slip him talking points based entirely on Dr. Seuss books, and he would read them with absolutely no...with as little comprehension and recognition of the fact that he was asking Alito about whether or not he'd come out against Green Eggs and Ham. He would no more hear the absurdity of that, than the absurdity of...