Sunday, January 01, 2006

I note the return of two lapsed bloggers to world of blogging. I guess that it was just so addictive, that they couldn't resist the lure. So, I welcome back Underneath Their Robes, an enjoyable romp through the world of the judiciary. UTR went on a blessedly brief hiatus when Jeffrey Toobin revealed that the amanuensis who gave voice to Article Three Groupie's fond gossip about those on the bench was, not as purported, a woman, but actually David Lat, a lawyer. Lat has now left his job with the federal prosecutor's office in Newark and has resumed blogging away about those on the federal bench.

And welcome back to Michael Munger, Duke University professor of political science, and, more importantly, the father of one of my students, who has taken up the reins once again at Mungowit's End.

Welcome back, gentlemen.