Sunday, January 29, 2006

Futile and symbolic gestures seem to be all the rage. Kos is encouraging his followers to flood the offices of Democratic senators begging them to vote no on cloture on Samuel Alito. The list of those senators committed to the fake filibuster is nowhere near 40, but Senator Kennedy has made a last minute call to the lefty bloggers begging them to flood their Senators with calls for them to stand tall against the evil Alito. I'm sure that all those wavering Democratic Senators appreciate Kennedy encouraging the bloggers to jam up their phone lines. It won't work, as they all know, but at least they'll have the satisfaction of having "stood up to the man."

And the next generation of futile gesture-makers is in training on campuses near you. At the school of my daughters, Duke Univeristy, they staged a very powerful empty gesture. Yup, they held their own filibuster right there on the quad. They read from books, speeches, leftist blog sites, etc. to all the people who weren't listening. So, the message was: if our weak-kneed Senators can't do the real thing, we'll do it right here in Durham, North Carolina where it won't make a bit of difference, but we'll feel more self-righteous afterwards.