Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Democrats have pulled back the mask a bit to show how they will make any false allegation in order to impugn the integrity of a Samuel Alito, a good man. They don't have anything on him and they have proved it by this nothingburger of an issue about his joining Concerned Alumni of Princeton. There is no evidence that he was involved actively with the organization. He says he's forgotten and thinks he just joined it in order to to protest Princeton kicking ROTC off campus. Is there any reason to doubt it? I doubt that the Kennedy aides will find anything as they go through the records from CAP in the Library of Congress. So, Alito put it down on his application in 1985 to indicate that he was a conservative. While we all know about CAP now because Kennedy has read out the article from the magazine, is there any evidence that Alito had been keeping up with group? No. Is there any evidence that he has ever displayed racist leanings in any of his rulings for the past fifteen years? No. Is there any evidence that he has acted the racist in his private life? No.

They have nothing but this vile innuendo. And they deserve as much contempt as possible for trying to make something out of nothing to smear a man that they know in their hearts has always been a decent, honest man. They deserve the disgust that everyone will feel when they see the video of how Mrs. Alito broke down when Lindsey Graham apologized to the Judge for having had to hear all these baseless attacks.

And to have Senator Kennedy be the one to make these attacks is almost beyond ridicule. But we can try. Even without Chappaquiddick or stories of his drunkeness, does Senator Kennedy really want people to start looking at someone's college record? He was a member of an all male social club.
The eight-term senator belonged to an all-male social club -- the Owl -- at Harvard University. The Owl refused to admit women until it was forced to do so during the 1980s, according to records kept by the Harvard Crimson, the student newspaper.
A Kennedy spokeswoman said it was an entirely different matter.
Of course. It's an "entirely different matter" when Senator Kennedy is involved. It's perfectly fine to tar Alito with what others said in this group that he didn't do much with, but forget about what Kennedy himself was associated with. And then, of course, what about Senator Kennedy having someone else to take his Spanish exam for him and getting suspended from Harvard? Or Senator Biden who resorted to plagiarizing his own autobiography? Are these guys really the moral exemplars to be the point men to go after a man of the clear integrity of Samuel Alito? The contrast is so stark that the Republicans couldn't have planned it better if they had been directing the Democrats behind the scenes.

And every time that Alito's explanation that he probably joined CAP to protest Princeton kicking ROTC off campus while the country was at war is going to remind people of everything that angered them about the radicalism of that period. And they'll remember that just this term, the Supreme Court has had to hear a case about all the colleges that don't want the military recruiting on campuses in a time of war. The link is there and it doesn't match the mood of the country today while American soldiers are fighting overseas to have these academics refusing entry to military recruiters. The Democrats have succeeded in linking themselves to those who despise the military with these hearings.

Surely, that video of Mrs. Alito breaking down will bring this home to people. Most people aren't following the ins and outs of the questioning at the hearing. But they can understand a wife breaking down after having had to sit there and listen to her husband being insulted baselessly over and over. It's over. They can make all their speeches as much as they want, but we all know that Alito is going to be confirmed and will go onto the Court actually with an enhanced reputation thanks to the buffoonery and crassness of the Democratic attacks on him.

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