Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ahhhh, this explains it.

Mickey Kaus uncovers perhaps the true reason why Tim Russert had the tedious Carville/Matalin/Begala group on Meet the Press.
Lukegate: ... Step 1) Tim Russert books the tired Carville-Matalin act more than 35 times on his Meet the Press talk show, boosting their bankability on the lucrative lecture circuit. Step 2) Carville--with Russert's eager prodding--also uses their most recent, conveniently-timed MTP appearance to plug his new XM Satellite radio sports show. ... That's smarmily venal enough, you say? Wrong! Step 3) Carville's co-host on the XM show is Russert's son, Luke, who is "currently a sophomore at Boston College." Russert and Carville joke about this on the air but don't quite have the balls to actually inform viewers of the key conflict:
How nice for Tim Russert's college sophomore to get a gig hosting a sports show on XM radio. I'm sure he's the most talented college-age sports radio personality in the whole nation. If this were a politician's son getting a job like this, reporters would be howling over conflicts of interest.

Instead, we can just cackle about Russert's ethics.

And, who wants to listen to Carville talk about sports with Russert's young son? Is there some marketing genius here that I'm missing? Does anyone other than partisans enjoy listening to Carville?

Oops. Sorry, I had the wrong link up, but now I've fixed it.