Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Eugene Robinson has such a patronizing column in the Washington Post trying to psycholanalyze Condi Rice and try to explain how a smart black woman could possibly be a Republican and support George W. Bush.
Like a lot of African Americans, I've long wondered what the deal was with Condoleezza Rice and the issue of race. How does she work so loyally for George W. Bush, whose approval rating among blacks was measured in a recent poll at a negligible 2 percent? How did she come to a worldview so radically different from that of most black Americans? Is she blind, is she in denial, is she confused -- or what?
In other words, if a black woman comes to different conclusions about the best policies to help other blacks, then she must be blind or confused. Or, as he finally concludes, must have grown up in such a protected bubble that she was too obtuse to notice what was going on in Birmingham, Alabama during her childhood. Implicit in his analysis is that there is blatant racism going on in the Bush administration that any thinking black woman would notice and react to.

Has this guy ever read any of the black conservative writers who have come to different conclusions about how to best help poor blacks? Does he think that Thomas Sowell is confused and blind?