Sunday, September 11, 2005

Lorie Byrd has put up a wonderful compendium of memorial links for 9/11 with links to pictures and commentary. I hope that, on this day, we will all take time to remember. Remember those who were murdered. Remember those who died trying to save others. Remember the rigtheous anger we felt then and should still feel now. Remember the new world we are living in where terrorists feel that they can accomplish some perverted goal by killing people as they go about their daily lives, going to work, traveling to visit family, taking the metro to work, eating pizza in a restaurant, anywhere. On that day and every day the terrorists don't care if you're a liberal or a democrat; Christian, Muslim, or Jew; man, woman, or child. They just want to kill you and your loved ones. Do not forget.

If you have memories or comments on this anniversary of 9/11, please put them in the comments box or enter trackbacks to your own posts. I'm sure a lot of people are remembering what they were doing four years ago and sometimes it is rewarding to have a digital conversation on something other than ideological issues.