Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Polski3 is a teacher in California and he reports on a new assessment that the California Teachers Association is placing on all members in order to have a fund to fight Governor Arnold.
The edu-unioncrats of CTA did not waste much time after school ended for many California teachers to stick their greedy little paws into the pocketbooks of the hardworking teachers of California. We can return to our classrooms in August knowing that we will again be teaching for less money. As per their "promises", the edu-unioncrats of CTA's polibureau-like Representitive Council "Approved" the dues assessment of $60 per teacher for up to three years. CTA says they will use this money for a $50 million dollar "warchest" against the Governator. With a membership of over 330,000 members, this amounts to an additional $19,800,000.00 dollars being taken from the teachers of California in the 2005-06 school year. According to my math, this adds up to a bit over $59 million dollars over three years. Can't CTA do the math or don't they care that saying they want/need $50 million to fight the Governator is a lie when they are planning to grab $59 million dollars from their members.
He reports that California teachers have to pay about $900 a year in dues to the union. Wow! Just cutting their mandatory membership dues in half would be a nice pay raise for California teachers. Polski also has a list of things he'd prefer the union to focus its attention on instead of sending out the worthless NEA today magazine.

Sounds like Polski should be investigating how to get his money back via The 1988 Supreme Court Beck decision. Many union workers don't even realize that they have the right to get a refund for the part of their dues that is spent in political activity that they disagree with. If more union members would exercise the rights that the Supreme Court has granted them, perhaps the unions might get back to working on the real issues that affect their working conditions rather than focusing on political campaigns. If you want to read more about how unions have been betraying their members in order to focus on a political agenda, read Linda Chavez's book, Betrayal. (Link via Carnival of Education)