Friday, February 25, 2005

John Hawkins reminds us of some of the questions Helen Thomas has asked during this presidency. Then he warns liberal bloggers of the terrible precedent they've set by delving into Jeff Gannon's sex life.
Let me close with a warning that bloggers on the left should take to heart: the precedent you are setting by dragging a minor media figure's sex life (and even rumors about his sex life) into the public domain may come back and bite you. After all, if it becomes accepted that Jeff Gannon's sex life is fair game, then why wouldn't the sex life of major media figures or even big name bloggers be fair game as well? Let's hope that the left side of the blogosphere -- in a desperate attempt to keep a small, insignificant scandal alive -- has not created a "Gannon Standard" that will be used to justify this sort of public sliming for years to come.