Sunday, February 06, 2005

Bernard Higgins is worried about the possibility that Bill Clinton would be the UN Secretary General while Hillary Clinton becomes the 44th president. If that did indeed come to pass, it would be a disturbing situation for a whole host of reasons. However, I think that if Bill Clinton became the Secretary General it would doom Hillary Clinton's chances in 2008. I can just imagine Democratic debates in the primaries in 2008 to have someone like John Edwards look soulfully into the camera and say "While I admire the great abilities of Senator Clinton, I just don't think that the country should be governed by someone whose husband is the head of the UN. That is a conflict of interest that would make every move Mrs. Clinton made suspect. And therefore our party should not put forth a candidate who is hobbled in foreign policy in this important moment in our nation's history." And those Democrats who would be wary about choosing Hillary for their candidate because they think that she would have such high negatives in the general election would, perhaps regrettfully, vote for another candidate in the primaries. And once again, she would have to take a back seat to her husband's ambitions.