Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Washington Post endorses Schwarzenegger's plan for an indepentent commission to draw California's legislative districts. I agree and would like to see that plan adopted across the country. It would great aid our country if we didn't have a 98% incumbent reelection rate for the House of Representatives. The problem with adopting such a plan for the House is that there is no incentive for the incumbent party to give up the power they gain from gerrymandering districts to help their party. Iowa has such a plan, but they are a more evenly divided state with a tradition of devotion to reform government. I'm afraid that the solution in California, at least, will be placing it on the ballot. I usually don't like having to resort to direct democracy referenda votes for so many issues, but when you have a legislature in California that is so one-party dominated, that might be the only solution to getting things done.