Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Of course, if the MSM includes lightweights like Nick Coleman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, bloggers will just continue to grow and grow. Coleman devotes a whole column today to spill his vituperation against the Powerline guys. He is remarkably vicious and personal in his attack. What he isn't is substantive. He has no real complaint about what they've written and doesn't even address any of their many fact-based posts. Instead, he just fills his column with ad hominem attacks and praise for himself (similarly, unsubstantiated except for one set of articles he wrote 14 years ago). His most substantive attack is that the Powerline guys have some sort of association with the Claremont Institute which, gasp, honored Rush Limbaugh this year. There you go. How dare Time Magazine give these guys publicity rather than some deserving member of the standard media. It's an outrage according to Saint Nick.

Here are Hindrocket's and The Big Trunk's responses. Read and judge who makes the better arguments.