Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Ratherbiased, unlike most everyone in the country, still watched the CBS News show. And they look at how CBS had a story tonight about fears that the draft will be brought back. This is all part of a liberal tactic to scare people into voting against Bush because they fear a draft will be brought back.

Last week, I posted about an anonymous e-mail going around to college students scaring them about the draft. However, almost everything in the e-mail was a lie. Here's a thorough debunking at Factcheck.org.

Hindrocket posts tonight about another e-mail being sent around by Rock The Vote (supposedly a non partisan group - Ha!) scaring kids about a draft.

I guess this is the only way the Dems can think to retake the advantage among women and young voters. Focus groups must be showing that this is a winner for Kerry. So, in order to get some political advantage, liberals are willing to scare kids and their families about something that is just not going to happen. But people seem to be so ignorant about what it would take to get such a bill through Congress that they can buy this scare-mongering. Does anyone think that the GOP would push such a bill and that the Democrats would not filibuster it? Besides, the Pentagon doesn't want a bunch of draftees in the army. They much prefer an all volunteer military.

So, if you get this e-mail - delete it like the spam that it is.