Friday, July 23, 2004

Here's an amusing look at the difficulty of finding the right rock and roll song for a campaign theme.
Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to sink in musical quicksand. John Kerry's introduction of running mate John Edwards two weeks ago began with Springsteen's deceptively complicated "Land of Hope and Dreams" ("This train/Carries whores and gamblers") and ended with Van Halen's "Right Now," an otherwise OK campaign song that is sullied by the fact that it was recorded by a dysfunctional band known for swigging Jack Daniel's and firing its lead singer every few months.

Lately, Kerry and Edwards have been stumping to Berry's "Johnny B. Goode, " clearly hoping that voters will ignore the part about Johnny being a functional illiterate and focus on the catchy chorus. ("Go Johnny go!/ Go Johnny go go go!)

I'm not great on my knowledge of lyrics. Anyone have good ideas for appropriate Bush and Kerry theme songs?