Friday, June 18, 2004

The Washington Post has a long article on Kerry's veep search. It says nothing. Kerry might be picking Gephardt, Edwards, or....someone else. This spin is telling.
Kerry told Johnson he did not want to repeat the mistake Walter F. Mondale made in 1984, when the Democratic nominee was seen as interviewing people only to please constituencies, a Democrat close to the campaign said. Kerry also insisted to his campaign staff that he wanted to maintain a discreet process to avoid the spectacle of 2000, when Kerry was kept dangling for weeks by Gore before being passed over for Lieberman. After studying the process stretching to 1932, Kerry called for a long, secretive approach to the selection that would not leave him "jammed" at the end, making a hurried choice at the convention, as Kennedy did in 1960.
Doesn't it strike you that he's doing the same thing. If he doesn't pick Edwards, everyone will know that Edwards was considered and rejected. The same with Gephardt. And all of them will know that they're second to a...Republican, John McCain.

What I think will be fun is that no matter whom he picks, the story will be that he either did or did not pick someone who has more charisma than he does. If he doesn't pick Edwards, analysts will point to his fear that Edwards would upstage him. If he does, pundits will say that he's trying to fill his charisma deficit.

Also, reading the WP article, it is also striking about how Kerry doesn't want a VP who will be as powerful as Cheney, just someone who is qualified to be president. He doesn't make the job sound very enticing to a potential candidate.