Friday, June 18, 2004

Is it just me or does it strike you that the fact that Saudi Arabia could so quickly kill the lead Al Qaeda terrorist in their country? Do you think they could find these guys so quickly is because they know exactly who they are and have tolerated their presence in the country until now when it is finally dawning on them that it is not good for their own economy to have foreigners scared to be in the country? Just wondering.


Lorie Byrd said...

I wondered the same thing when I heard the terrorists had been killed, but I heard on one of the cable channels that the terrorists were shot either while disposing of the body, or just after. The report I heard made it sound like that is how they were located.

meseger said...

I heard a report, I believe on Fox, that the Al Qaeda leader killed yesterday in Saudi Arabia had rejected an order several months ago from Osama bin Laden to stop activities in Saudi Arabia and concentrate all efforts in Iraq. The commentator speculated that Osama loyalists fingered him in retaliation but waited until Johnson was dead.

Anonymous said...

You're making this way to complicated. After Mr. Johnson's kidnapping and eventual murder, the Soddy Government, bowing to pressure put up a bunch of roadblocks and started dragnets throughout the area. The AlQ assholes got caught up in one of the roadblocks and started shooting. They came in second place in the contest.
Whether or not this may indicate a sea change in Soddy politics is, as yet, unknown. The assholes started shooting and the people manning a roadblock shot back. That says nothing about attitudes past, present and future, all it says that if you shoot at armed people, they'll shoot back.
Respectfully, Peter.